1. Dalton Telegramme
    Liège, Belgium
  2. Benjamin Schoos
  3. Double Françoise
  4. Alex Gavaghan
    Liverpool, UK
  5. Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam
    Brussels, Belgium
  6. Justin Paton
    London, UK
  7. Android 80
    Liège, Belgium
  8. NOW
    London, UK
  9. Jacques Duvall
    Brussels, Belgium
  10. King Lee
    Liège, Belgium
  11. April March & Aquaserge
    New York, New York
  12. Man From Uranus
    London, UK
  13. Marie France
    Paris, France
  14. Phantom featuring Lio
    Brussels, Belgium
  15. Juan d'Oultremont
    Brussels, Belgium
  16. Sabino Orsini
    Liège, Belgium
  17. Goldenboy
    Brussels, Belgium
  18. The Loved Drones
  19. Caïman Fu
    Montreal, Québec
  20. Le Dragon Noir
    Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  21. Mademoiselle19
    Liège, Belgium
  22. Karin Clercq
    Brussels, Belgium
  23. Sophie Galet
    Liège, Belgium
  24. Ufo Goes Ufa
    Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
  25. Marc Morgan
    Huy, Belgium
  26. Charles Blistin
    Brussels, Belgium


Freaksville Record Brussels, Belgium

Freaksville is an indie record label based in Belgium.
More than a label, it's a family of french music lovers, a team of amazing musicians, illustrators, producers, cult artists, lyricists from belgium and foreign countries. Our LPs sound different in the small world of french pop music. ... more

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